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Hopkins Estates Concrete are an experienced Concrete, Aggregate, and Muck Away Supplier in Somerset, Dorset, and Wiltshire.

The Hopkins family-run business with over 50 years, of experience in the construction industry. We are a reliable and trustworthy supplier across the Southwest of England, covering Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire with our concrete batch plant located in Wincanton.

We have a fleet of 4 volumetric ready-mix concrete trucks based in Wincanton, which allows us to deliver the concrete aggregates that you need mixed on-site across the three counties.  All concrete is mixed to your specifications on-site, ensuring that you get the exact concrete you need for your project.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. We are always available to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your needs.

Call our sales team today on 01963 82420 to learn more about our services.

Areas We Cover

Serving customers across the South West


From Wincanton to Wiveliscombe, we provide reliable concrete solutions to customers throughout Somerset.


Shaftesbury to Swanage, our Volumetric Concrete Mixers can deliver high-quality concrete to you throughout Dorset.


Salisbury to Swindon, we offer efficient and cost-effective concrete solutions to customers throughout Wiltshire.

Betonblock Concrete Interlocking Blocks

The Versatile Solution for Your Construction Needs

Looking for a versatile and durable solution for your construction project?

Look no further than Beton Blocks concrete interlocking blocks, which are made on-site at our Wincanton depot in Somerset. These blocks are perfect for creating retaining walls, storage bays, and much more.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Betonblock concrete interlocking blocks can help you achieve your construction goals.


Easy to install

Mixed sizes, weights with coloured options available.


Made with high-quality concrete for long-lasting performance


Can be used in a variety of construction projects and are Interlocking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Concrete

How much do you know about concrete? In this guide, we will explore what volumetric concrete is, why it is advantageous and how you can use it in your next construction project. It’s important to know the differences between traditional concrete mixes and volumetric concrete.

Volumetric concrete is mixed by volume of material rather than weight. To mix the concrete on-site as needed, a truck with a self-contained mixer holds all the required ingredients. In contrast to this approach, ready-mixed concrete is made in a batch plant using an exact recipe and later delivered to the site. We will explore why this approach is beneficial shortly.

Mobile volumetric mixers enable the delivery of the exact amount and type of concrete needed for any project. These mixers can produce concrete on-site in any quantity without waste. The mixer is a multi-dimensional storage unit that contains all the necessary materials in separate compartments inside a truck, including cement, aggregates, water, and any additives.

With the support of a mobile volumetric mixer, you can produce concrete on-site at any specific water-cement ratio and strength required. You no longer need to order pre-mixed concrete from a batch plant and hope that it arrives in time for your project. You can even switch mixes and grades between jobs by adjusting the mixer’s proportioning controls.

Volumetric concrete offers a range of advantages over ready-mixed concrete. Most notably, you only pay for the exact amount of concrete used, meaning there is no wasted material. The ability to store materials for far longer than traditional drum mixers is also beneficial. This can be especially useful when dealing with long-term projects or extreme weather conditions.

There is never any risk of over-ordering with volumetric concrete. The mixer can be adjusted to meet specific job requirements on-site without having to guess how much material is needed. This is ideal for projects that require complex mixes, exact water-cement ratios, or unique strength and grade requirements. 

Here is a summary of volumetric concrete’s benefits:

  • Mobile mixers can hold a wide range of materials.
  • Mixes only what is needed, with no wasted material.
  • Can adjust mixes and grades on-site as needed.
  • Suitable for complex mixes with specific requirements.

You can use volumetric concrete across a wide range of different projects. No matter the type of concrete required, the mobile volumetric mixer can deliver it on-site. This makes it an ideal solution for projects that require complex mixes or require exact amounts of material in a short timeframe to meet specific strength and grade requirements.

Volumetric concrete is also great for projects with large or varying areas of coverage. The ability to mix the exact amount needed on-site means you don’t need to worry about over-.



It only mixes the concrete that you need, so you will not waste material.

Ready mix

Batching concrete ahead of time can cause waste if the needs for a project unexpectedly change.



With volumetric mixers, the various components required for a concrete mix are stored separately in different compartments. This makes it possible to alter the size and specification of a mix as needed during a project.

Ready mix

Since the specification of a ready mix order can’t be changed after it’s batched, there is no opportunity to make changes or last-minute additions.

Time Limitations


Once the volumetric truck has arrived on your site, there is no ticking clock. You can take as long as you need to batch the concrete.

Ready mix

After the concrete is mixed at the plant, you will typically only have a couple hours to use it.

Hopkins Estates is well-equipped to handle your volumetric concrete needs. Our fleet of mobile mixers has the storage capacity and flexibility to meet any of your project requirements. We also have a team of highly-skilled operators that are trained to work on all types of projects, allowing us to deliver the exact amount of concrete you need with minimal downtime.

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